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If You Want to Gamble, Roll for Casino Stocks

on January 30, 2015   |   on

Gambling is part of human nature, but it shouldn’t a factor in the equity markets. And yet many investors view Wall Street as one giant casino. It’s hard to blame them, as prices rarely act rationally and at times are…


Why You Can Tune Out the Blather on Apple

on January 28, 2015   |   on ,

Seemingly everyone in the market — from the financial press to the pundits and professionals —  has an opinion on Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). Every single one of them should be discarded. I have never seen more time and energy wasted.Seriously,…


Follow the Leaders into the Auto Dealers

on January 27, 2015   |   on ,

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the investment business, the big boys care little about such things. They want to make money instead. So when one big money manager buys a stock or follows an investment…


It’s Time to Sell Gold

on January 26, 2015   |   on

I’m truly amazed how spellbinding the gold trade can be to the masses. Gold has minimal utility, but it somehow has achieved a price that despite its lofty levels continually finds buyers. In 2015, the trade of the year so…

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